Back in the Saddle

Although the exact diagnosis and cause of my “injury” is still a giant unknown, the good news is that I’ve been cleared for limited activity!  For me, exercise is a stress reliever.  It’s where I’m able to let go of the frustrations of my job and life and get some perspective.  Being told no for 11 days was a bit torturous.  Exercise also helps me sleep- and no sleep= a VERY grumpy Holly.

So what does limited activity look like?  (My doc knows me well and gave very specific instructions aimed at recovery not reinjury.)  The gist of it is no compressive movements (no running, no standing on the bike, no shoulder presses, squats, lunges, etc) and keep the intensity light.

Day 1 (Saturday)- An easy swim of a max 800 meters.  Yes, 800.  And yes, I laughed too.  But right now, I’ll take it.  The expectation was that this swim would help loosen up my back without straining it further.  The result?  Complete success!  I must say that trying to execute a flip turn when you haven’t been able to touch your knees (toes are a foreign concept still) in over a week was a bit daunting, but I did it (carefully, using the momentum of my forward motion and barely pushing off the wall).  I’m sure it looked very awkward to an outside observer but to me it was pure joy.  I also did some light weights prior to hitting the pool.

Day 2 (Sunday)- Mandatory rest day.  A rest day, after 800 meters, but again, for once I’m listening to the experts.

Day 3 (Monday)- SPIN class!!  I was very happy to return to my favorite spin class even though my instructions were light tension and no standing.  Mission accomplished.  I also shed a tear when the first beads of sweat started forming during class.  I followed spin with some careful stretching and core work.

Day 4 (Tuesday)- Rest day.  This one was incidental, but probably what needed to happen to keep me from coming back too fast.  I intended to swim, but work commitments kept me from going in the morning and frankly I’m terrible at making it happen in the evenings.

The comeback is ON!


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4 Responses to Back in the Saddle

  1. Terzah says:

    Yay, Holly! It’s nice that your doc is so specific (and that spin class is in the “allowed” category). Enjoy those workouts!

    • he knows if he didn’t give detailed instructions, i would totally push the envelope and be back in terrible shape in no time. he’s great to work with – i just wish we could figure out 1 specific thing that happened to cause this issue so i can never do it again, but unfortunately, it seems as though it’s a combination of small things. oh well, spinning and swimming it is for now! 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Congrats! I hear you– taking time off is so hard for all those reasons, so glad you can ease your way back! Swimming and spinning are such great workouts for injury… hope it continues to feel good as you ramp up!

  3. Good luck with your comeback!! 🙂 You sound as thought you’re doing it the right way so I think you’ll be back stronger in no time 🙂

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