Sheer Business

2.15.2012 outfit 12.15.2012 outfit 2

Shirt+ Pants: MICHAEL by Michael Kors (outlet) 
Shoes: Me Too 
Jewelry: Stella & Dot, Old Navy+ Target

I love this shirt for it’s completely flexible nature.  It can be easily glammed up with sparkly jewels for evening or worn as I’ve shown it here for day/office.  Also because it’s sheer, it’s multi-seasonal.  A friend of mine is on a mission to wear the items in her closet that she either has never worn, or hasn’t worn in a while.  I realized I had a few items in my closet suffering from some serious neglect so I’m trying to work them back in.  I’ve had all the pieces in today’s outfit for at least 2 years* which just proves you can “shop your own closet”! 

In addition to trying to wear different pieces from my closet, because of my “injury”, wearing heels isn’t really a good idea right now.  This has been a huge challenge for me on a daily basis since almost all of my pants (including jeans) require some type of heel.  I’ve also realized that I don’t own many flat shoes.  Time to call on my creativity to make it through this injury phase.  Hopefully heels (at least wedges) can comfortable return soon.


(*I know 2 years isn’t that old, but due to size changes, I don’t have ‘really’ old items to work in—sad.)


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