Seeing Green

2.28.2012 outfit 1  2.28.2012 outfit 2

Green Jeans: COH via Nordstrom (birthday present)
Shirt + Belt: J Crew 
Necklaces: Banana Republic + Target + J Crew
Shoes: Unisa via Marshalls (old)

I. Love. These. Jeans.  If you’ve been around the blog before, you probably know that I have a special love for the color green.  Thankfully the fashion industry heard my plea and decided to make green one of Spring’s IT colors.  They also decided colored skinny jeans were a trend to try.  Skinnies in green, check.

Let me qualify this by saying it took trying on 4 different brands of green skinnies before I settled on these.  Some were such a lightweight material that they literally showed every line, curve, indention in my legs.  Not attractive in the slightest. 

Since I’m currently limited to low/no heel on my shoes, I struggled a little to style these pants.  I like the end result, but am really looking forward to pairing these with some wedges and heels throughout the spring/summer.

What’s your take on the colored skinny trend? 
Interesting note, Batch doesn’t like it.  I don’t normally wear something not husband approved since he has great taste, but I couldn’t agree with him this time.


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3 Responses to Seeing Green

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve, surprisingly, had green skinnies for several years now, but everyone has been looking at me like I’m insane and telling me I have grass legs, etc. I’m kind of happy that it won’t be oddball now, but then again… I liked having the strange green pants that nobody understood. ANYWAY, you look awesome in yours and I’m glad you found a pair that fit you well. (:

    • THANKS! and i’m super impressed you had green skinnies for a while now- clearly i need to shop where you do so i could have known skinnies in my favorite color existed before this season! 🙂 i had to stop myself from wearing them again today (i wore them last week- i’m behind on posting pics)…

  2. Leah says:

    Love this look!


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