A Jazzy Weekend

We made our annual pilgrimage to NOLA for JazzFest this weekend.  Perfect weather, awesome music, delicious food and fabulous friends- what more can you ask for?

Such a fun weekend, but seriously I’m still recovering.   I know it’s Wednesday, but given the below schedule we kept, I think my recovery period is understandable:

7:30-8:15am: Run along the MS River and up Esplanade
8:15-8:45: Beignets at Café Du Monde
10am- Bourbon tasting (blind tasting, in our hotel room) 
12(noon): Muffaletta’s from Central Grocery 
1pm-7:00pm: JazzFest 
7:30-8:45: regroup/shower/change
9pm-1am: Dr John at Tipitina’s Uptown
1am-2am: try to score a cab (and grab some late night fried chicken- not me, but others)

11:30am-1:45pm: Jazz Brunch at Commander’s Palace—seriously amazing.  MUST DO!  2:30-7:00pm: JazzFest (Cowboy Mouth and Al Green) 
7:00-8:00pm: Hang out at the home of some family friends of friends
8:00-9:00: regroup/shower/change
9:00-11:30pm: Dinner and stroll around the quarter.  MOST people went to bed at this point since we were heading home early in the morning.  Batch and Bubba decided they weren’t done and really wanted to see Trombone Shorty.  So… 
11:30pm-2:30am: Trombone Shorty @ HOB NOLA

Monday- the lovely 6 hour drive home that actually took us 7 hours because our stop to pick up our dog in Baton Rouge also included a nap.

Here’s the weekend in pictures.  Enjoy!

4.30.2012 blue dog jazzfest  4.27.2012 B&H Sat Fest4.28.2012 H taking pic  4.29.2012 burnch guitar  4.29.2012 burnch jazz ensemble4.29.2012 brunch appetizer 4.29.2012 brunch bread pudding4.29.2012 brunch bunch4.29.2012 brunch J&H   P1030769  4.29.2012 JF cowboy mouth


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3 Responses to A Jazzy Weekend

  1. Love it!! Fun to relive through your pics. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel rested again, but it was so worth it! (And on a side note.. from a fashion standpoint I should have ignored my Commander’s Palace belly and left the belt on. The dress is a bit balloon-ish without it. ha.)

  2. Corey says:

    Yay! You are back 🙂 Love the cute outfits…especially the hat! You rocked it!

  3. Laura says:

    What a fun weekend! I’ll have to make a mental note of that JazzFest for future reference… sounds like a blast! Were you cleared to do a little running?

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