Fitness Friday

This week was really the first time I’ve felt like I was truly back in the groove.  Injuries are funny things- you end up not only hurting at the actual injury site, but also emotionally and mentally.  Serious shout out to all those who listened to me whine and moan over the past few months.  Thanks!!

I managed 2 “double days” this week!!  Before I get a ton of negative feedback about it, I want to be clear, my paces and distances are slow and short (for me).  I’ve also talked to my doctor and while he is ok with double days, he did ask me not to run 2 days in a row again quite yet.  Noted.  I’m also really listening to my body and took a rest day on Wednesday just to be sure I wasn’t doing too much too soon.

I also was finally able to ride outside on my new tri bike.  Batch gave it to me back in February and after spending a few weeks sitting in our living room providing a constant reminder of my injured status (like I needed a reminder), Batch kindly moved it to the garage.  It remained there as some rather expensive wall art until a few weeks ago when I finally got the OK to ride outside.  A quick visit to the fit guru and tape to indicate where tubes should be cut then back to the bike shop for a finally “build.”  LOVE IT!!!

The highlight of the week (so far) workout wise has to be my 5 miles run on Thursday morning.  It was the longest and fastest run (avg pace of 8:35/mile) I’ve done post injury and I just felt really good the whole run.  I still had some “uncomfortableness” in my hamstrings, but not something I’d classify as pain.  We’re working on it with some ART sessions and it’s definitely getting better. 

What was your favorite or best workout of the week?


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5 Responses to Fitness Friday

  1. Corey says:

    Yes! I love that you are able to be almost back to your normal running, etc. now! That’s awesome! P.S. I will forever be jealous of your bike, until I get my own fancy tri bike someday!

    • i still smile every time i get to workout- especially when it’s virtually pain-free! we need to figure out a race to run together soon. i’m itching for a fall 70.3, but Batch (rightfully) keeps putting the brakes on that for now. definitely starting to fill my calendar with some fun stuff!!

      • Corey says:

        Agreed we need to race together! If not before then, I will be in Houston over Thanksgiving (although you might be in LA?) and Laura and I have been talking about a Turkey Trot race. I have also been eyeing a fall 70.3 – Beach 2 Battleship in Wilmington, NC. It isn’t an MDOT event, but I have heard good things. Other than that, my fall is pretty open right now…still considering a December marathon though 🙂

  2. Kristi Voss says:

    I happened on your blog when I was searching for annular tear l4 l5. I am from Mississippi. I was recently diagnosed with left framing annular tear. I am an avid runner triathlete mom and haven’t run in 6 months. I was on top of my game and then this injury. At first i went to see an ortho guy and we did an mri and it showed an hamstring strain. Well it never got better. I have a friend that is a pain dr and decided to do an mri of my L spine and hamstring. This week i was told about the tear. I have a mild bulging disk. I am going crazy. I was trying to follow your blog but I was so into finding out your recovery time. How long was were you without training? I would love to talk to you a little more maybe through email or text. We have a lot in common. My email is At least I did read you are back doing something. Thank you Kristi Voss

    • Hi Kristi- welcome to the blog. It does sound like we have a lot in common. What part or MS are you in? I will email you with more details but for the sake of others it might benefit– I was without any form of exercise for about a month (4 very long weeks) then was allowed some gradual return in the form of spinning with no tension and no standing on the bike. After 4 weeks of doing that successfully, I was allowed to try running again using a 3min run/2min walk formula for a max of 45 minutes. Nothing could be done on consecutive days. Somewhere in there I switched doctors and the new doc immediately put me back in the pool. Now I’m back to everything although still slower and less mileage than before.
      I see a sports chiropractor/ART doctor.

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