Fitness Friday

This week’s workout highlight has to be Thursday morning’s 6.2 mile run.  I felt good the entire run with only minor hamstring “tightness”.  That, my friends, is progress and I couldn’t be happier about it.  6.2 miles/53:19/8:35 pace

The virtual love I’ve received regarding my return to running has been awesome!  I feel so special!!

twitter snip1twitter snip2twitter snip3

Yup, even Bart thinks it’s awesome.

The other exciting news from the week? houmarathon confirm

I’m officially IN for Houston 2013.  For now, it’s the next race on my calendar, but there have been lots of emails going around indicating something much sooner will be added (hint, SFM—half).  I also know I want to add at least some sprint and/or olympic distance tris this season (gotta test out the new bike in race conditions).  There are a couple I’m eyeing, but I’m waiting as long as possible to register to make sure my body continues to heal properly and readjust to full time training.

What’s next on your race calendar(s)?


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6 Responses to Fitness Friday

  1. Corey says:

    Love from Bart Yasso! You are big time! SFM huh? Go big or go home when it comes to a half right?! Gotta love those monstrous hills!

    • no kidding- i’m seriously intimidated, but i also know it will keep me from trying to go too fast in my first race back. 🙂 it’s all for fun with some friends– interested in joining us?

      • Corey says:

        I would LOVE to join! I have always wanted to run that race. But between a trip to NYC with friends, a trip to the house lake in Missouri and Hood to Coast I think I have maxed out the long weekend getaways for the summer! We WILL figure out a race to run together though!

      • totally understand- we’ll find something later in the fall or next winter/spring. 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Congrats on a strong run, and the Houston marathon entry!! So glad you’re back at it!

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