Weekly Workouts

So I should have posted this earlier, but since I didn’t I’ll go with a the week in Daily Mile format:

7.02 to 7.08 Daily Mile

Monday: spin, core, PT and lifting
In spin we did a mock time trial using a TdF time trail course profile.  Fast legs and no rest intervals for the entire class had my heart pumping and my legs screaming.  I followed that with some stretching, “around the world” planks, bridges (single leg, marching and standard), and monster walks (use resistance band) before heading to the weight area for some upper body strength work. 
22 miles/1:03:00/21.7 mph

Tuesday: Track Tuesday and Swim 
I’ve made it to a couple of Track Tuesday workouts since being back in the running groove and they are going surprisingly well considering my extended time off.  Last summer (aka tri season) I was in the habit of following up track workouts with easy swim workouts.  It’s a win-win since I get to flush out my legs from the track and cool down my body so I can stop sweating before I get to the office. 
4.93 miles/39:37/7:56 pace 
1500 metes/25:00

Wednesday: Independence Day run with Batch 
Since early morning spin class was canceled due to the holiday, Batch and I decided to go for a “longish” run instead.  It felt good to get out there although I was wishing I had opted for a longer ride on my bike just because I had the time. 
9.62 miles/1:24:23/8:43 pace

Thursday: rest

Friday: spin, swim 
I wanted to get another day on the bike and spin appeared to be the only way this was going to happen this week.  I went for about 45 minutes of the 60 minute class then bugged out to hit the stretch/core area before changing for the pool.  I managed another round of rotating planks followed by my hip/glute exercises. 
14miles/45:00/18.7 mph 
2000 meters/45:00

Saturday: run 
Dear Austin, TX: I think I love you. 
When we knew we were going to be in Austin for the weekend, Batch and I knew we were going to run Saturday morning.  And run we did- the entirety of the Lady Bird Lake trail.  This run made my desire to live in a place like Austin, TX even greater.  Seriously, haven’t seen that many people on a trail at one time—maybe ever!  Magical.  The tree cover was fabulous too as it kept the temps manageable even though we started our run late by TX summer standards.  Most people probably just call it Townlake and run the more popular 5 mile loop, but there were others out there with us slogging through the ~3 miles of full sun (not to mention running on concrete and crossing I-35 where the trail isn’t “connected” yet) on the lesser traveled section.  We had a couple of wrong turns but figured it out eventually (with the help of a friendly REI guide/cyclist). 
10.30 miles/1:30:00/8:44 pace

Weekly stats: 
Bike: 36 miles (all spin bike- oops)
Swim: 3500 m
Run: 24.85 miles


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3 Responses to Weekly Workouts

  1. Corey says:

    Sometimes spin is the only way to get the miles in on the bike! Better than not at all right?! I like your idea of swimming after riding to cool down, but I always end up swimming first then riding because of what time it gets light out!

  2. Laura says:

    You are so speedy in the pool! Gives me hope for improvement. 🙂 Awesome workouts, glad your miles are increasing with no problems. Austin’s running scene sounds amazing. Jealous!

    • so good to see you last night and thanks for bringing the bike back. i’m looking forward to getting back into swim shape and hopefully pulling off a tri towards the end of the season. maybe i can convince you to join me out there again! 🙂

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