Track Tuesday

Posted on a Wednesday.  Yup, I’m good at this timely posting thing.

The leader of our track Tuesdays usually sends out the workout on Monday afternoon/evening- you know, so we can all mentally prepare for the game.  When I got this week’s email it was titled “15 minutes of Hell”- sounds fun right?  Here’s how it broke down:

15x :40 @ R pace with :20 recovery

I’ve mentioned a time or 2 dozen that I’m struggling to know where my paces should be since I’m technically still working on my injury comeback.  My goal was to stick around a 7 min/mile pace- under if possible.  The results (in min/mile equivalents)?

7:13 (will anyone notice if I run behind the building?)
6:40 (LAST one- make it count)

Moderate success with success being determined by the fact that I didn’t yak Picky Bar all over the track and wasn’t forced to seek a bathroom spot behind the school.  I also ended up with about 1/10th of a mile on each :40 interval so I must have been close to consistent, right?

TOTAL: 4.13 miles/34:27/8:20 avg

Now, if only there were some hills in Houston to prepare me for next weekend’s adventure


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8 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. Terzah says:

    Those are some speedy paces!! I can’t wait to read about your race!

    • HA! Thanks- to be clear, I’m just “running” it not truly “racing” it. Even if I thought I was ready to race again, I know the hills of SF would humble me in a hurry. This one is for fun with some girlfriends with wine tasting afterwards. 🙂 I am looking forward to toeing the line again though. It’s been way too long!!

  2. Corey says:

    haha…seriously, there is NOTHING worse than having to “go” while you are running!!! Looking speedy in your comeback there girl!

  3. Laura says:

    Killer morning workout, especially in this heat and humidity. Nice work!!

  4. katie says:

    BOOM! nice pace lady!

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