Weekly Recap

My theme “song” is better late than never so let’s talk about last week’s workouts.  Finally a week where I felt I was cruising along as I should be- well, a little more running would have been nice, but overall it was good.  Hopefully we’ll see the results pay off soon.

7.23.2012 weekly workouts

* Disclaimer, I don’t like the Monday-Sunday Daily Mile Week, but alas, the picture is what it is so that’s how I’ll recap.

Monday: 60 minute Spin Class- just a standard class using the TdF profile which was a time trial.  Lots of speed work with some hills built in just to keep it interesting.

Tuesday: Double Day with Track Tuesday with “15 minute of Hell” workout in the morning and 2100 meters of pool fun in the evening.  You can read about the track workout here.  I wanted to swim with the Master’s group in the evening, but I needed to be done before the scheduled class time (7pm).  I went straight from work to the pool and hopped in using a workout I had in my swim bag.  On my first kick set, my feet (arches) began cramping.  This isn’t entirely unusual for me if I’ve worn heels all day so I stopped, stretched them out and kept going.  The next hint something wasn’t right was during an IM set when my right calf started cramping.  It wasn’t a major cramp and I was able to swim through it.  As soon as I stopped at the end of my workout, my right calf completely seized up- the visible, everyone watches and cringes, kind of cramp.  I didn’t think it would ever end.  Once I was able to walk, I limped to the shower and then home to ice and foam roll. 

Wednesday: 60 minute Spin Class and Core/PT exercises.  I woke up and my back was hurting.  Not terrible, but definitely not comfortable.  I debated skipping spin, but decided I go and see how it felt.  I made it through the class and then spent some QT with the foam roller and core exercises.

Thursday: Planned rest day.  Calf was still sore and given the slight back flare up on Tuesday/Wednesday, I decided a day off was needed.

Friday: UNplanned rest day.  If I’m honest, I just pulled the lazy card here.  Some days are just like that.

Saturday: 41 mile group ride (Lifetime Fitness) followed by 1600 meters in the outdoor pool as a cool down/shake out.  I played my role as captain and led the “B” group ride which has a published speed of 16-18mph.  Usually this group ends up going out much faster than that, but I’ve heard several newer riders complaining about the faster than advertised paces so I was determined to keep it reigned in.  I was a newer rider once and I’m still not truly an “A” group rider so I completely empathized with those people and wanted to make it a friendly environment.  The group ended up voluntarily splitting at the 1/2 way mark so I finished the ride with some friends at a slightly faster pace.  Hello negative splits on the bike!!  The swim was a fun way to get some sun while cooling down and flushing out my legs from the ride.

Sunday: 9.6 miles on the Hershey Trail where I was swimming in my Sauconys by the end.  I’m not going to lie, this run was TOUGH at the end.  I know it’s always hot here and I did slow my pace down, but towards the end there was just no stopping the overheating I was experiencing so I took a deep breath and walked until my heart rate was manageable then started jogging again.  When I made it home, I went straight to the back yard, ditched the shoes and socks (I literally wrung over 4 oz of sweat out of my socks) and plunged into the pool.  I just sat there on the bottom until I felt like I wasn’t on fire anymore.

Weekly Stats:
Swim: 3700 meters
Bike: 78 miles (41 outdoor) 
Run: 14 miles

6 days until the SF 1/2 Marathon!!  California here I come!


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One Response to Weekly Recap

  1. Corey says:

    Sounds like a good week overall! I feel for you on that calf cramp…there is seriously nothing worse than getting one of those that just WON’T LET GO. Ouch!!! Good luck at SF!! Can’t wait to read about it!!

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