Track Tuesday

While there were some stellar things happening on a little track across the pond, here in H-town it was just another Track Tuesday- with a special side dose of heat and humidity joining the party.  Today’s set was 4 xs 400, 300, 200, 100 with 100 between each interval.   

Warm up- .92 miles – 10:30 pace (wogging and talking- the best way to start a workout!)

400- 7:28; 7:09; 7:23; 7:32

300- 7:16; 7:14; 7:21; 7:38

200- 6:53; 6:52; 7:15: 6:55

100- 6:25; 6:33; 6:58; 6:55

Cool down- 1.1 miles; 8:31 pace

Can you tell I’m having some pacing problems these days?  I could blame lots of things, but really I just need to focus and not go out too fast. Yes, I do think the heat plays a role, but I clearly ran some of these early intervals too fast.

Total: 5.6 miles; 46:55; 8:22 pace


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2 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. Laura says:

    I’m so ready to get back to some track work, as soon as I’m sure my shin is up for it! Fall temps should (hopefully) make a big difference.

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