“Foto” Friday

Here are some highlights of my recent girls’ trip to SF/Napa.  I covered most of the SF part in my SFM post, but wanted to include a bit here about why we wore the visors.

post race team sherry 

Team Sherry post race in San Francisco.  We love Ms. Sherry (Mom to Meade).  I encourage y’all to learn more about Inflammatory Breast Cancer and seriously consider donating to fight this disease.  Currently this form of cancer can’t be detected until it’s Stage 3- that’s just WRONG!!  Cancer SUCKS!

kelham vineyards 
*All photos courtesy of Meade.  I have many of the same shots, but she made such wonderful collages that I couldn’t resist using them!!

Day 1 of Wine Tasting Fun was highlighted by a visit to Kelham Vineyards where we got to hang out with proprietor, Suzanne.  She’s a hoot!  Go visit Kelham- their wines are awesome!!

arista 3 

Day 2 started with a long, but very worth it, drive to Sonoma for a 5 course pairing lunch at Arista Winery. We also got a vineyard tour with Mark McWilliams- so fun to hear someone talk about their business with such passion!! The Chef was so accommodating to my food allergies- seriously, I ate everything Meade and Amy did, just a gluten free version! Pizza, sandwich, etc.  He truly customized our menu and it paired deliciously with the wines. Mark is coming to Houston in November, and I plan to find a way to score some tickets to that wine makers dinner!

viader  bouchon

After Arista, we tasted at Viader before heading to Bouchon for dinner.  Full, happy and thoroughly relaxed. 

I’m so glad I had my first Napa experience with these two ladies.  They were GREAT tour guides and set up the best winery visits and meals!  Thanks for everything Meade and Amy!!  Loved every minute! 



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