Track Tuesday

A marathon meeting (10a-7p) caused me to skip posting this yesterday.  So bonus time-you get Track Tuesday on Wednesday.  You’re welcome.

I’ve been struggling with motivation lately to do anything except run.  My heart and body just want to run, and I’ve had to force myself to cross-train.  I know that if I stop cycling and swimming, my back will freak out, but all I want to do is RUN, RUN, RUN… (bonus if you sang that like I did).

The workout was simple, but good 4 sets of 4x 300 @ I pace with a 100 recovery (adding a 400 recovery between each set):

Warm up: 0.85 miles/8:54 pace

Set 1: 1:21; 1:26; 1:23; 1:23 (avg pace 7:10)

Set 2: 1:20; 1:27; 1:22; 1:21 (avg pace 7:06)

Set 3: 1:21; 1:27; 1:27; 1:25 (avg pace 7:12)

Set 4: 1:14; 1:25; 1:23; 1:26 (avg pace 7:12)

Cool down: 0.85 miles/8:35 pace

Total: 6.61 miles/52:25 minutes/7:56 pace

There were supposed to be some strides at the end of the track work, but I ended up talking to Bill too long to get them done.  Bill is a Houston running legend.  He’s run the Houston marathon every year it’s been in existence in addition to countless other marathons (including several Bostons).  I love hearing him talk running so it was worth skipping the strides.


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2 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. Corey says:

    Nice little speed workout. I hear you on just wanting to run. It seems like during tri season, all I ever want to do is run! Although I must say (up until Monday) I am definitely enjoying the bike more this year than I have in the past! But still as I head out for a long ride on Saturday mornings, I look around and see runners and just would rather be running long, slow miles, chatting with a friend than spending the next 3 hours in the saddle…

    • Thanks, friend. I felt like your post on not wanting to swim was taken directly from my brain. Haven’t gotten a chance to comment yet, but expect something along those lines. 🙂 I have to remind myself, it’s a lot cooler on the bike than it is running. Running will win out once the temps cool off a little.

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