Thursday Threads

We interrupt this style post with some exciting running news… I’m today’s featured blogger on #RunChat’s running blogs month!!  So honored.  If you don’t know about #runchat, check them out and join the fun on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 8pm ET for some running chatter.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

08.06.2012 outfit 2 08.06.2012 outfit1

08.06.2012 outfit 3 Shirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Pants/Bracelet: J Crew Factory
Shoes: J Crew
Belt: Anthropologie

It’s been way too long since I posted some style love on the blog!  I actually wore this patriotic outfit during the Olympics.  Considering how well our athletes (especially the ladies) were doing in #London2012, I just wanted to run around chanting “USA! USA!”  Instead, I donned this spirited but still work appropriate outfit (reminder, I have a very casual office so sleeveless is perfectly acceptable.  I also carried a (white) cardigan for the chilly A/C air.)

Let’s talk shoes for a moment…since my injury, I’ve found myself struggling to comfortably wear my heels all day.  I’m a girl who rarely wore anything BUT heels to work.  It’s challenged my wardrobe planning skills to the max so I’m thrilled that wedges have solidified their return to acceptable footwear in my book.  These wedges in particular are the first pair of J Crew shoes I’ve ever owned (other than flip flops).  I’ve always found their shoe prices a little out of my range, but a great sale after months of searching for shoes this style resulted in my first purchase.  And it’s love at first buy.



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3 Responses to Thursday Threads

  1. LOVE this look. That belt is fab! Great outfit!


  2. Laura says:

    Awesome that you were featured on Runchat! I realize I’m late but I’m heading over there to see if I can still comment. 🙂

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