Track Tuesday

Subtitle: A study in contrasts

If you follow me on twitter, you know that last Tuesday we experienced some very welcome relief from the summer heat.  Tuesday morning saw temps in the low 70’s rather than the normal mid 80’s common for August in TX.  This week was back to “normal” with 83* and 80% humidity when I headed out the door for the track.  Don’t think heat and humidity play a HUGE roll in pace?  See below and believe. 

Tuesday, August 21st: 
4 sets of 4×200 at R pace with 200 recovery between each rep and 400 between each set

The name of the game? Consistency.  Finally.  SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY! 
Set 1: 48; 49; 51; 51
Set 2: 49; 47; 50; 48
Set 3: 48; 51; 52; 51
Set 4: 50; 52; 51; 50

TOTALS: 6.24 miles/49:36/7:57 pace

Tuesday, August 28th:
6-10 400’s at I pace with 200 between each

Struggle from the word go, BUT slight mental breakthrough (to be discussed at the end of this post). 
1:42; 1:47; 1:46; 1:39; 1:45; 1:45

TOTALS: 4.01 miles/31:21/7:49 pace

The paces aren’t that bad, but I just felt terrible most of the way.  Of course, I’m still glad I went and put forth the effort, but I certainly wish I had managed at least 2 more intervals.

My breakthrough? I think I’ve finally convinced myself just how individual paces really are.  Yes, it’s motivating to see others achieve great/fast things, but I have to remember that I’m not that other person.  Fast for me isn’t fast for someone else.  Just like slow for me may actually be fast for someone else.  It’s all relative and individual.  That’s one of the beautiful things about running- it’s made for everyone! (cue campfire and Kumbaya)

Happy Running!


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One Response to Track Tuesday

  1. Corey says:

    You are so right. You have to focus on yourself and what you are doing and not everyone else! And even week-to-week, you sometimes can’t even compare yourself! Like you said…weather/temps plays such a big part! You are getting strong and when temps cool down a little, you are going to be rocking fast!!!

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