Weekend Beach Runs + SUP

I spent the weekend in Seaside, FL with 8 other ladies celebrating our wonderful friend Jenny’s 40th birthday.  It was great to get away, catch up with old friends and make some new ones.  Besides having fun and relaxing, my goals for the weekend were to use the change in scenery to re-jump start my running routine.  Mission accomplished!

After an almost comical series of flight delays for me (btw, we finally took off around 2:50pm), IMG_0453

we finally arrived at the beach house and got settled late Thursday evening.  I went to bed at a reasonable hour determined to get up Friday morning and run.  I didn’t have a time or distance goal in mind, I just wanted to see a little of the area and enjoy the perfect weather.  There was a great trail along the road (and water) that I followed on an out and back route.  Included some initial exploratory stop and start miles, I ended the morning with 7 miles.


After a quick shower, we headed to the beach and decided we all wanted to try SUP (Stand-up Paddleboarding).  It’s been on my bucket list so I was thrilled to have others willing to try it with me.  You know what, it’s AWESOME!!  Definitely a good workout, but also very peaceful and relaxing.  Highly recommend it!

hmb SUP 1  hmb SUP 2

sisters SUP julie SUP

We went out to dinner Friday night, IMG_0467  shortys dinner

but still managed a fairly early bedtime- although our (bachelor party) neighbors didn’t get that memo.  Despite a 2am wake-up call, I managed to make it out the door again Saturday morning for another run.  My first back-to-back runs since January!  I went a little further this time, but took much the same route, ending with 7.66 miles.  When I got back to the house, Jenny looked at me and said “nice, you jumped in the pool when you got back”- um, no, I just sweat that much.  Good thing I was decked out in my favorite warm/humid weather run gear (Oiselle rogas and mesh tank). 

IMG_0475  sat am run

The rest of the day was spent brunching- including 2 for 1 mimosas- and hanging out on the beach.  There were 3 weddings we could see from our balcony so we sat outside, ate, drank and listened to the “free” concerts!  All in all, an absolutely perfect weekend!

IMG_0483  IMG_0484 

How was your weekend?


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3 Responses to Weekend Beach Runs + SUP

  1. Hey! My weekend sounds remarkably similar and equally as spectacular as yours! It’s like we were in the same place. 😉 (Minus the back to back runs for me. Does one day of walk/jog on the beach and climbing 4 flights of stairs multiple times per day count?) – Thanks for coming, my friend! It was the perfect way to embrace #40! Almost makes me wonder why people dread this age. Seems pretty great to me so far. 🙂

  2. Corey says:

    Looks like such a fun weekend! I went SUP when I was in FL for a bachelorette party in March and I absolutely loved it! It was definitely a great workout and a fun way to get some sun too 🙂

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