Superhero 5K Race Report

aka using my Super Powers to tackle my racing fears!! 

I had a big revelation last week that since coming back from my injury at the beginning of this year, I’ve been afraid to race.  Afraid of not running as well as I was this time last year, etc.  Since I’m racing at least twice in October, I decided I needed to get over this quickly!  A quick google search of local races for the weekend found a fun little 5K relatively close to my house on Saturday morning.  Perfect. 

The weather was as predicted- rainy, but still slightly warm.  Not ideal, but honestly, if it’s going to rain, I’d rather it not be chilly and rainy (at least for a short race).  I donned my current short obsession, race number and headed west.


I got to the race early, hung out in my car for a few minutes, then decided to head out for some warm up miles.  I chose to run part of the course and then around the little shopping center where the start/finish were located.  I ended up running into a local elite who was also warming up so I followed his path for a bit.  2.5 miles done at an easy pace pre-race.

When they called for us to line up at the start, I noticed the actual starting chute was narrow- like 5 people across narrow.  Good thing the race was small.  I still lined up closer to the front than I normally would to avoid bottlenecking.  It was chip timed, but I just don’t like the mental battle bottlenecks cause me.  I ran into my friend Greg who leads the Lifetime Cycle Club I normally ride with on Saturday mornings.  He and I started together and I ran with him until the turnaround at mile 1.5.  I ended up passing Greg and running with the “green lantern” (yup, dude in full costume) for a mile or so.  When I realized we were getting close to the finish, I coaxed my legs to give just a little more.  I kept repeating “this is a 5K- it’s supposed to hurt.”  I focused on the finish line – not my form as you can clearly see from the race pics (hips collapse much?). 

Superhero 5K official pic 

3.1 miles; 23:21 chip time; 7:26 pace
1st AG/2nd overall female

Not a PR (slower by over a minute), but I didn’t expect it to be.  It was a small race so placing was a secret goal. 

9.29.2012 holly podium pic 19.29.2012 holly podium pic 29.29.2012 holly podium pic 3

Greg took pictures when I got my age group tile- he told me AFTER I gave him my phone that he continuously snaps pics then edits later. Good to know, Greg, good to know.

9.29.2012 greg podium pic

I returned the favor for Greg’s award.  I have fast friends.

Challenges/fears overcome:
Toeing the line of a race- check
Running sans my “rabbit” (Batch was out of town)- check
Racing in the rain (nothing against rain, but I loathe wet socks)- check
Warm up/Cool down miles incorporated- check
‘Chicking’ a super hero (green lantern)- check (ok, this wasn’t a fear, but it WAS fun)


Overall, I’m happy with this race, I did what I set out to do, and I had a great time doing it!  I ran 2 cool down miles with the local elite I saw warming up- he ran my pace- very kind!  We talked previous races- including our love for Eugene.  The “awards” ceremony was a little long, but I stuck around in the Luke’s Locker tent chatting with them about running shoes and ant bites.  Totally normal TX conversation topics.

Looking forward to racing in October.  #GoFastTakeChances—Oiselle


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6 Responses to Superhero 5K Race Report

  1. Corey says:

    Congrats on a strong, confidence-building race! Looking forward to hearing about the next ones! And hopefully racing with you in November!!

  2. Terzah says:

    Great job! You are definitely BACK!

  3. elizabeth says:

    super speedy! i have to go check your calendar to see what you have for oct/november. was this the same race that jennifer (fitfork) just did??

    • i don’t think so –it was pretty small so didn’t attract anyone from out of town (unless she just happened to be in Houston that day?) i just updated my race calendar so good timing! i don’t have anything i’m registered for yet in november, but am eyeing a turkey day 10K (with laura and corey) if we’re in town and a 25K as part of the Houston Marathon warm up series.

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