Track Tuesday

I started a post yesterday about my training plan for the Houston Marathon in January, but work derailed me and thus it’s still not finished.  I will post it this week though for those curious.

It’s Tuesday so of course that means another Track Tuesday post.  Am I becoming too predictable?  Batch and I got a late start this morning (entirely my fault- THIS time), but made it to the track around 6:15am (normal arrival is 5:30am).  We had to be back home, showered, fed and ready to meet with one of our contractors by 7:45…um, run fast!

I’ve been mixing up my track workouts lately- sometimes doing the track group workout and sometimes following my training plan workout.  Today, I merged the two- a little bit group workout (600’s), a little bit training plan (300’s).

1 mile w/u – 8:20pace
4×600 @ 7:05min pace (7:07; 6:59; 6:56; 7:13)
600 jog – 8:35 pace (I just ran what felt comfortable)
3×300 @ 6:26 pace (1:12 per interval)- 1:14; 1:16; 1:16 (Gamin says those paces are all below the 6:26 prescribed pace even though they are not as fast as indicated- who knows) 500 jog- 8:39 pace
3×300 @ 6:26 pace (1:12 per interval)- 1:14; 1:11; 1:14
0.86 mile c/d @ 8:13 (this is what got cut due to time)

TOTALS: 6 miles/46:12/7:42 pace

It’s still true, never regret a run.  I have a race coming up this weekend so I’m hoping reminding my legs what speed feels like will carry through to Sunday.  I still have a tempo run scheduled for Thursday so one more chance to add some spark to my legs.  The good news is that the weather is predicted to cool off for the weekend (hello 50’s instead of 70’s)- that would be a HUGE win for the race.  Praying- and “wunderground” stalking…

Happy Track Tuesday!!


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4 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. Amy says:

    I like your mix of distances in your track workout! I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make myself more excited about them. Maybe mixing up distances a bit more would do the trick.

    Good luck on your weekend race and hopes for cooler temperatures!

    • i’ve found mixing it up most of the time helps me learn to run by feel at different paces better. maybe that means i’m listening to my body?? there are still times it’s just repeats of the same distance (usually 400’s or 800’s), but the mix is nice! 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Yes, I saw that change of temps coming– perfect timing. Hope I see you run by on the course on Sunday!

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