A little (late) Halloween

It’s been a weird week training wise, but I’m trying not to stress about it and just remember that I have time to get back on track and all is definitely not lost.  I still owe a post on my training plan which is almost done.  In the interim, I thought I’d entertain you (and embarrass myself) with a few pics of our Halloween. 

When Batch mentioned his idea for our costumes a few weeks ago I thought it was funny and pretty clever.  I guess it wasn’t as “unique” as I first imagined since I heard these costumes sold out all over the country.  Who knew people actually pay attention…

Without further adieu, I bring you Mitt Romney and Big Bird…Batchelder style:

10.31.2012 pic 1 

10.31.2012 pic 3 “Romney” gets creative and figures out how to drink beer while dressed up.

10.31.2012 pic 2 Posing with our Nuun tube look-a-likes. 

We’re back at our alma mater this weekend for some college footballing (#HAILSTATE /GO DAWGS) and long running with the group here Saturday morning (17-18 miles!).  I LOVE running with this group- and talk about fast friends, one of the ladies WON #RNRNOLA last year and several are sponsored athletes.  Fortunately and unfortunately, the game was picked up for TV landing us an 11am kick off!   18 miles, breakfast, shower, dress, get to stadium before 11am– tight morning, but looking forward to it all!  Happy weekend!!


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2 Responses to A little (late) Halloween

  1. it’s been a weird week for me too – just gotta go with it sometimes!!

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