Track Tuesday

Despite initially waking up at 3:44am (thank you time change), Batch and I still didn’t manage to get to the track until almost 6am.  (rolling eyes)  It was really warm here yesterday so imagine my surprise when I walked outside to temps in the upper 50’s!

The name of the game this morning was 800’s.  Yes, you got it, Yasso 800’s.  I was excited about this since it’s been almost 2 months since my last set of these and I was anxious to test my progress.

Warm up: 1.33 miles @ 8:18 pace
6×800’s 3:31; 3:28; 3:29; 3:30; 3:31; 3:32 
Cool Down: .52 @ 8:10 pace (I really need to find a track with a bathroom)

TOTAL: 6.25 miles/47:49/7:39 pace

Progress, check!  Here’s a little visual comparison to the last time I did 800’s:

9.18.2012 Track 800s11.6.2012 Track 800s 
Left is from 9/18; right is from today

I still would like to get my last one faster and wish I could have done all 8 on the schedule, but that’s my issue (or my stomach’s issue).  Anyway, consistency was the name of the game today and I pulled it off with almost no Garmin checking.  I just ran by feel.  Something I haven’t done for track in a while.  Baby steps towards the big goal.

Happy Tuesday!!


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7 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. I’m not a fan of the time change, it’s been messing me up all week. That is WAY to early to be up, but at least you got in some good speed work.

    • Agree it was too early- especially when it wasn’t even for a race!! 🙂 It’s nice to have the daylight for my runs, but it throws me off in the evenings when it’s dark as I’m driving home from work! 🙂

  2. elizabeth says:

    nice work! especially with not having done them in 2 months!

  3. Corey says:

    Maybe you just need to find a really private spot and bring some TP to the track with you 🙂 What?! No?!

    • i will neither confirm nor deny whether i’ve done that or not. instead i’ll just say i (almost) always run with TP and the time change makes it a little more difficult to find a {semi}private spot (daylight and all). my office is only a block away, but i forgot my bldg access card. #firstworldrunnerproblems

  4. Laura says:

    Late to comment, but nice job on the 800s! I haven’t done much speed work the last month… I finally made myself to 8x400s this morning, not sure how this 5k is going to go… 🙂

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