Incidental Exercise- Runner’s Edition

We’ve all heard of incidental exercise as part of our everyday life- park further away from stores, take the stairs when possible, etc.   I’ve been trying to focus lately on ways to sneak in ‘runner specific’ exercises, stretching and rolling/sticking.  Here are some fun ways I incorporate core/stability/strength into my daily routine:

1.  Single leg balances while washing my face.  I use a Clarisonic, which runs for 1 minute, twice a day.  I balance on each leg for 1/2 of the cycle to get in my single leg balances for the day.  In addition to helping with proprioception, doing the single leg balances force me to have proper posture while standing in the shower and/or at the sink.

2.  Wall sits while brushing teeth.  I must admit, this is a new addition to my routine which I stole from Corey.  Again, we all brush our teeth and adding a wall sit while doing so forces you to brush the appropriate amount of time along with strengthening your glutes/quads/etc.

3.  Stick and/or foam roller on a conference call.  I work for a mostly virtual company which means I have lots of conference calls.  Depending on the topic, I can often stick (in my actual office) or foam roll (home office) while listening to/participating in the call.  (HINT: Mute the phone to avoid tortured screams being overheard by all participants.)

4.  Random floor exercises while watching TV.  Although it’s SUPER hard to not just snuggle into the couch, I’m trying to do more while watching TV.   I’ve seen the “plank during commercials” suggestion several times, but since most of what I watch has been recorded (I’m a DVR addict), I’m typically too busy hitting fast forward to hold a plank.  Instead, I’m trying to make myself do some clamshells, core (if I didn’t do any earlier), bridges, foam rolling and stretching during the show and some serious laying on the floor dying with the remote during the commercials.  I’d like to do wall sits during commercials, but there isn’t a solid wall in our living room (well, that doesn’t have a couch in front of it).

5.  Apply for a job with Nuun or Oiselle.  Ok, this one is wishful thinking, but seriously, both companies encourage planking at the office and even host lunchtime “runches”, yoga sessions and of course “sweat core.”  We should all be fortunate enough to have workout gear as our work attire…

What interesting tip am I missing?  How do you fit in all the “good” stuff and not spend 90% of your life at the gym?


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9 Responses to Incidental Exercise- Runner’s Edition

  1. elizabeth says:

    i love all of these! thanks for the tips! and agree on the nuun or oiselle job. if only i lived in the PNW.

  2. Jessica says:

    I like the idea about wall sits and single leg squats! I had never thought about that before. This may be weird but I pretty much always carry a lacrosse ball with me to roll my hip flexors or glutes if free time presents itself randomly

  3. All the good companies are in the PNW, I need to move back. I do 10-20 squats every time I go into the bathroom at work. I also do leg lifts while I’m washing my hands. I could just skip it, but it’s just a little extra to try to keep my muscles strong.

  4. Corey says:

    My toothbrush is like your face wash thing! It is electric and timed at 2 minutes, so I kind of have no choice but to stay the whole time 🙂 Also, yes, agreed about working for an active company…would be amazing.

    P.S. Is it snowing on your blog?!

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