Track Tuesday

Without a track.  The schedule called for such a long run, we opted to do it on the trail instead of the track.  Seriously, I LOVE the track, but I’m not sure my sanity could handle running “30 minutes easy” in ovals.  The intervals today were mile repeats so again, easy to do off the track.  I will say that I missed the completely flatness of the track as I was slogging up a Houston hill but I called it character building and pushed forward.  There’s one of those so-called hills in the last mile of our route and after hard workouts, I’ve been know to walk it.  Today, as we approached the area, Batch started his pep talk- NO WALKING, think of it as Allen Pkwy.  I was with him.  I shuffled up the “hill” and called it an accomplishment.  Oh, and despite a few questionable moments, I did it all without puking.

Wow, this post is going to be dramatic.  Let’s continue…

It was/is HUMID and warm here today.  It was 70* with 91% humidity when we left for our run and 72* with 99% humidity when we got back.  Ouch.  As much as I wanted to gripe and even switch up my workout, I know that you can’t control race day.  Just ask anyone who ran on the west coast last weekend.  Yes, the Houston Marathon is in January, but it IS Houston.  It could be 70* (please, Lord, don’t let that be the case).

Enough rambling, here’s how it broke down:

12.4.2012 Track Tuesday

Why, yes, I did walk 2 of those breaks between mile repeats.  No shame.  My goal paces for the miles were 7:24 so I’d say I nailed it.  It was NOT easy.  My legs have been feeling very heavy and tired lately.  I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with increased mileage and lack of sleep courtesy of our geriatric dog.  (Luke is almost 13 and has gastrointestinal issues which cause him to smack and grind his teeth all the time.  In other words, it’s loud at night.)  We are traveling tomorrow (Austin!!!) so it might end up being an unscheduled rest day which should help the fatigue.  We have the last of the Warm up Series races on Sunday, a 30K, and right now the weather looks as though it will be another character building experience (highs in the 80’s).  Mental toughness is the theme of this week.

Happy Track Tuesday- or wherever your run took you today!


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6 Responses to Track Tuesday

  1. Melissa says:

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow night!! 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Nice job nailing those mile repeats! I’m so glad the rain cooled things off… hoping the humidity isn’t back for my half on Sunday. I haven’t even checked the weather.
    Have fun in Austin!

  3. Great job! I have been slacking on track workouts lately. I want to be faster, but I don’t want to do track workouts. It’s mentally exhausting.

  4. Corey says:

    Is there any other way to do it between speed repeats than walk?! OH, you are supposed to jog?! Dangit! 🙂 Nice workout my friend.

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