Ch, Ch, Cha, Changes….

This week (well, 1.5 weeks) has been a complete whirlwind and I’m not even sure where to start.  In the course of 5 days, we’ve been in 4 different cities each in a different state.  It’s involved 3 flights and several hours in rental cars.  A bit overwhelming, but we did have a good time and enjoyed visiting with friends we haven’t seen in far too long.   What does this have to do with changes?  A little bit of everything!

Batch accepted a new job.  with a new company.  in  a new city.  in a new state.  starting January 1st (well, 2nd).   (and most unfortunately, it’s NOT the PNW)

So where are we going (this time for those who know us well)?  Jacksonville, FL

We very excited as our best friends from college live there and it’s on the water!!  The St Johns River runs through the heart of the city and the Atlantic Ocean is about 20-30 minutes away.  It’s also on eastern time.  I’m a central girl so this will be a huge adjustment for me.  I’m used to running with the sunrise at 6am in Houston…sunrise is after 7am in J’ville.  Changes.

We’ve told my company and are still working to figure out whether I’ll be working (in a slightly different capacity) from home or just working through a transition period.  Again, changes.

On the running front, we took an unplanned reset week.   After my body cried foul at the 30K last Sunday (hello DNF #2), I took a rest day on Monday with the intention of getting back in the groove on Tuesday with a track workout.  The combination of an early appointment Tuesday morning (7am) and a last minute change to our travel schedule (instead of leaving Friday for the weekend, we were leaving Wednesday morning) meant that Tuesday workout never happened.  An early flight Wednesday followed by crazy weather while traveling meant once again most workouts/runs didn’t get done.  We just decided to call it a reset week and try again next week.  This was supposed to be peak week.  Another change.  (Side note, I did manage a 13 mile run on the treadmill Saturday morning.  Yes, 13 miles- on the treadmill.)

Skipping all workouts this week and shifting our peak week long run does make me a little nervous, but I also know that these changes were necessary for our sanity.  We had lots of meetings and commitments this week and very little time for sleep.  Yes, I’m worried that skipping this week will make hitting my goals a little more difficult.  Yes, it makes the mental battle a little harder.  BUT, life happens.  I’m going to focus from here until January 13th.  I’m going to trust my training and my body’s memory of running marathons.  I’m going to let Batch pace me and not second guess him (at least I’m going to try).  I also think I’m going to run Garmin-less.   Yes, I’ll be able to calculate pace at the mile markers, but hopefully it will help me obsess less and just enjoy the experience.  If my goals don’t happen in Houston, I have 3 more races planned as backups.  Changes.

Cheers to new opportunities and new challenges!  There are different ways you can view change, I’m choosing to embrace it (and yes, someone can remind me of this in mid-January). 


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9 Responses to Ch, Ch, Cha, Changes….

  1. elizabeth says:

    so excited for yall! one of my best friends lives in jacksonville and loves it (and i have several who grew up there). it’s a city i’ve never been to, but would love to live in! you will get used to eastern time zone. 🙂 and now you are only about 5 hours from ATL!

    • thanks elizabeth!!! we’re excited too although it will be a hectic month or so of transition. (and to keep it interesting we’re running a marathon at the same time) we are also excited to be closer to ATL- we’ll definitely be visiting more and will let you know when! 🙂

  2. Terzah says:

    That is a lot of change all at once, Holly, but congratulations. (Jacksonville is where I was born, so I have a soft spot for it.) I always find moving exciting (a pain, but exciting nonetheless). As for the training, I don’t think your running is going to suffer all that much. You probably would have gotten sick trying to wedge it in with all that other stuff, so it was for the best.

  3. Corey says:

    Wow! Congrats! It sounds like you are excited about the move. I think you will love Jacksonville! Are you staying in Houston until after the marathon, or moving, then going back to for the race? Did you find a house?!

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Wow!! That is a lot of change. Congrats to Batch! And I hope your job decisions come together easily. We’re going to miss you… although it looks like we’ll be packing up this summer, so we won’t be too far behind you… Jacksonville sounds like a great fit for you guys!

  5. One week shouldn’t be that big of a deal, it really takes 2 or more weeks of inactivity to start losing endurance and strength (aka you should be fine!) Especially if you can get a short walk or two in with stretching (something is better than nothing, but if you dont have time, not a biggie!).
    Sending you some holiday well wishes!

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