Let’s talk goals…

Eventually I’d like to do a 2013 goals post, but for now, let’s just talk about the first 2013 goal.  In other words, here’s my Houston Marathon decision…


I’m running 26.2 on January 13th.  That’s 9 days from now. 

This is quite possibly the least trained I’ve been for a marathon, but surprisingly I’m not freaking out (yet).  I have complete and utter respect for the distance.  Marathons are hard even with perfect training, and my training has been anything BUT perfect.  While my time goals may not be achievable (this time), I’m a strong runner—when my head is in the game (not the fastest runner but mentally tough).  I’ve had a serious case of self doubt since my injury last January.  I’ve PR’d in the 1/2 and 10K during this training cycle, and I’m still uncertain.   

I’m 99% sure I’m running sans Garmin.  Batch will run with me unless the wheels completely come off my train and then I’ll send him on so he can get his PR.  I semi-jokingly told my friend Devon (who’s pacing the 4:15 group) to pick me up if he saw me on the side of the course.  He responded:

butt kick

And you know what, that’s exactly what I needed to hear.  Corey has been trying to drill it into my head for over a month now.  Stop beating myself up and just go out there and get it done.  So, in the interest of NO FEAR, my official goals for Houston 2013:

A: BQ (sub 3:40) – it’s a stretch goal, but I’d be selling myself short before even toeing the line if I didn’t keep my eyes on the prize.
B: PR  (sub 3:54) – it’s an old PR that needs to be taken down!!
C: Finish (erase last year’s DNF)

My (non time related) goal for this race is to finish strong. To run for the love of running and to celebrate a city that I’ve called home for almost 10 years before we pack up and head to FL. 

To everyone who commented and tweeted when I posted about my indecision, thank you!  I really did read all your words and considered your input when making this decision.  I’m immensely blessed to have some fabulously supportive and encouraging friends and teammates cheering me on, and I’m counting on those virtual wings to help me FLY!  Head up, Wings out!


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8 Responses to Let’s talk goals…

  1. Paulette says:

    You are going to be great – good luck!

  2. Terzah says:

    I agree–it’s going to be great. Undertrained (if you really are) is better than overtrained. You know the course and you know what you can do. I’m excited to see the result!

    • thanks for the reminder and vote of confidence. i’m getting nervous but had a decent run this morning. i just have to remember to start SLOW…this is not a race i can start too fast and still finish strong. silly allen parkway!

  3. elizabeth says:

    the undertraining may be what helps. look at it as rest. 🙂 love your attitude of believing-i threw my crazy goal out there and it’s nothing if it’s not out there and a challenge. i know you’ve got this-i’ve seen your speed on your watch pics!!

  4. Good luck this weekend! You’re a strong runner, I have no doubts you’ll have a great race!

  5. Can’t wait to hear the recap!!!

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