It’s Race Week….Again!

Funny that my last post was a marathon recap and just like that, it’s race week again!  It’s been a fast few weeks of birthday, moving, trying to finalize the sale of our TX house, etc.  I’ve really enjoyed having #RNRNOLA on the horizon to keep me honest and accountable for working out/running during all the madness.  I can easily see how many days would have ended with pints of ice cream/bottles of wine on the couch rather than Nuun and early bedtimes.  Change is hard, y’all!

After Houston in January, I knew it was time to put my Head Up, Wings Out and focus for NOLA.  It’s been a unique training cycle as we’ve had to incorporate recovery and build in 5-6 weeks.  As such, this will be my first marathon done with basically no taper.  In some ways it’s been quite nice.  No head games, no panics that my body won’t be able to run.  In others, I’m nervous.  Can I really run a 26.2 PR the week after an 18-miler?  Faith, trust, BELIEVE!

It’s been interesting to need higher mileage immediately upon arriving in JAX.  It pushed us to do things more quickly than we likely would have – like finding an awesome running group and a cool rails-to-trails path.  Runsploration JAX style via my Brooks.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with myself/my body and how it’s adapted to running higher mileage (for me) this quickly post marathon.  I topped out at 46 miles last week and should have hit 44 this week, but some random stomach issue hit on Friday so I missed a run.  No biggie, would rather it be now than next week!  My “long runs” have been 6, 9, 12, 16, 18 miles.  I’m feeling pretty good heading into NOLA this weekend.  I’m trying to remain focused on the things I CAN control instead of freaking out about the things I can’t control.

Long Run Garmins

I have a few more runs this week to keep the legs moving (and my mind focused).  We’re heading towards NOLA on Thursday and will make the drive in 2 days rather than 1 to hopefully keep some of the stiffness from long drives at bay.  I’m looking forward to the weekend where many friends from high school will also be running and I get to meet E FINALLY!  I wish she could run, but know I’ll love having her on the course cheering!

So, here we go…GO FAST TAKE CHANCES!


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6 Responses to It’s Race Week….Again!

  1. Corey says:

    So much good luck to you this weekend! I know you will do great and you are ready! Also good luck to Batch…is he still planning to try to PR this race too? Also, Char is doing Albany next weekend so she basically has done the same thing as you since her race was one week after yours! I have lots of faith in both of you!!

    • thank you my friend!! it’s nice to know i’m not the only one doing this quick turnaround thing- good luck to char also! tell her to look for and run with a lady named michelle spires from jax- she’s got the same goal and michelle can get it done!! (I ran with her on my 16 miler 2 wks ago- she barely broke a sweat at 8:15s.) i’m excited…and a little nervous. all the usual race week feelings. 🙂 don’t think there is a twitter tracking option but maybe elizabeth will tweet when she sees me!

  2. Jenny L says:

    Will be thinking of y’all and will be excited to hear how it goes!!!!! Wish we could celebrate post-race with a marg at the Tios but will have to raise a glass in honor, I’m just sure of it! 🙂

  3. Terzah says:

    Good luck, Holly! I had no idea you were marathoning again so soon. My fingers are crossed!

    • thanks terzah! we always has NOLA on our schedule but were just going to do it for fun and likely the 1/2. when i came so close in houston, we decided those 4 seconds were going down in NOLA- at least I hope they are…praying and weather stalking. 🙂

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Thinking of you this weekend! You’re so right that change is hard. We’ll likely be doing the same in a few months… I’m glad you connected with a running group and found trails already! Sounds like the marathon was a good distraction in the transition. Best of luck!!!

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