Stopping Short- RNRNOLA

The thing about putting your big goals and dreams out there for everyone to see is that everyone also sees your “failures.”  If you haven’t already heard, Sunday didn’t turn out exactly as I planned/hoped.  Actually, it wasn’t even close.  I didn’t BQ, I didn’t even run 26.2 miles. BUT I also didn’t DNF.  I finished a solid 13.1 mile training run and am looking ahead to Eugene.  I’m super thankful the course was laid out in such a way that I could make the mid-race decision to finish 13.1 instead of attempting 26.2.  It wasn’t my day for a variety of reasons not all of which I understand.  

I think Batch summed up race day perfectly in this tweet:

2.24.2013 WBB NOLA tweet

I’ve never been good at writing race reports so since this one was a non-race, race, I’ll keep that trend going and instead focus the weekend highlights.

Besides getting to visit with my mom and just be in my “hometown”, I enjoyed getting to meet-up/hang out with Elizabeth and Frency (and meeting Leah), having a VI”Pee” pass for race morning where I got to meet Melody IRL. 

 2.23.2013 Frency Holly pic 2.24.2013 RNRNOLA VIPee pass

Oh, and a little twitter exchange/photodate with Kara Goucher.  I mean we’ve got to be like BFFs now, right?  (Yup, I’m an official run nerd.  Cause, you know, that’s a newsflash.)

   2.2013 Kara tweet chain  2.23.2013 kara goucher pic tweet  

Since I was in NOLA this weekend not Seattle, I have to give a major shout-out to my Oiselle teammate/personal shopper Sarah for the over-the-phone Oiselle #samplesale shopping.  Speaking of Oiselle shopping, I got to try on some of the new #Spring13 collection at Southern Runner today.  I will need a 2nd job.

So, not the weekend I had hoped for, but I like the lemonade we made out of the lemons.   Thanks for all your support and encouragement this weekend and always!  Cheers to the next adventure!


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11 Responses to Stopping Short- RNRNOLA

  1. Great attitude! And great picture with Kara! (we’re totally on a first name basis)

  2. Steph says:

    Sounds like tough day! I’m seriously impressed with your great attitude about it though. I already know Eugene will be a fantastic day 🙂

    Jealous of your Kara Goucher pic too!

  3. Terzah says:

    Agree–great attitude! And fun to get a photo with Kara. AND you will be in Eugene????? Yay! Hopefully there will be lots of BQing happening on April 28.

  4. Corey says:

    OH! I like the new blog header! I haven’t seen it yet!! How long have I been oblivious to that??? Looking forward to chatting more soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait till Eugene!!!!!!

  5. elizabeth says:

    i’m so sorry it wasn’t the race you had hoped for, BUT, so glad we got to meet IRL and hang out for a bit. Sunday turned into more of a boozefest than I had planned…as expected in NOLA. Your mom was so nice to let me hang with her! Please tell her thx again from me. Keep ya posted on Eugene.

    • the trip was totally worth it even without the nice shiny new PR/BQ. so great to finally meet you IRL- and so glad you were able to find my mom and hang out/get a ride to the finish. hope the hip heals quickly!!!!!!!

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