For runners, by runners

I have some many post topics swirling in my head I can’t manage to get any of them coherent enough to post…so for now, we’ll go with this one in honor of a major launch today!

I’ve not been shy about my love affair obsession with Oiselle.  Here’s one of the key reasons why I continue to wear, “ambass” and basically jam all things bird down your throats.

Many months ago, Sally (aka Momma Bird, Genius, Fab Female Entrepreneur), sent out a survey asking for input into some new bras and tops Oiselle was designing.  She asked many things, padding or no, for longer tops, built-in bra or no.  Then she actually took the results and made them a reality.  One of my key points was, living in the south, and NOT being a “bra only” runner, I really liked tops with built in support as wearing 2 layers when it’s 90* at 5am is just torturous.  I also said I like a little padding to avoid being mistaken for a vehicle with headlights on (not VS push up padding, just a protective ‘layer’).  My comments (I said the same thing on twitter so others chirped in) were met with strong disagreement from many runners.  Apparently, though, there are enough southern runners that Sally did it.  She made the top I’ve dreamed of! 

high 10 shimmel
photo credit:

Today the High 10 Shimmel went live on the website.  No, I haven’t actually wear-tested it yet, but I did place my order bright and early.  I have high hopes for this little gem.  If you’re a southern runner who likes a little more coverage than a bra, but no extra layers for those atrocious August runs, head on over to Oiselle and scoop up this top.

Oh, and if you’d rather just bras, those are available now too…Happy Friday!


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6 Responses to For runners, by runners

  1. Nicole says:

    This is what I wanted too!! I can’t wait to get mine. I ordered the orange. I’m going to wear it with my new graphite bum wrap. I just need the weather to get warmer here in PA.

  2. Whoa! I want that top! I too am a southern girl and just don’t feel comfortable running in my bra only. Damn bible belt. Anywho…thanks for your input! Off to order 🙂

  3. elizabeth says:

    i love all of it…just wish it came in “big girl” sizes and “strength”. I can’t wear tops like that without a heavy duty bra. bummed the bras aren’t big enough-but still love their clothes!! awesome you got your top too 🙂

    • Heehee…laughing because we’re such complete opposites in that department. Check out their blog today though…they want larger chested them!!!! This little gem proves they really do listen to their customers. 🙂

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