Intuition Luck of the Kiwi 5K Race Report

When I said Jacksonville has a huge running community, I wasn’t kidding- there’s literally a race every weekend if you want to run one!  I signed up for this race mostly because it was put on by our running club and promised to be a ton of fun post-race (free beer at a brewery).

I had 18 miles on my schedule for Saturday and had decided I’d split it 14 miles in the morning and then 4 in the evening (including the 5K).  I met the 5am group and ran 6 miles with Matt and Kathy before looping back to “pick up the rest of the group” for another 8 mile loop.  I wasn’t sure who I was going to run with for the 8 mile loop so I just started with a pack and as it filtered out, I ended up with Matt again, but this time we were running his/our pace (Kathy is slightly slower).  I ended the morning with 14 miles at a 8:17 pace.  I definitely would not have done that without Matt and he says he wouldn’t have kept that pace without me.  #Fastfriends

While I was happy with the 14 mile pace, I wasn’t sure what it would mean for my ability to run a 5K that evening.  I went home, ate some breakfast and fell asleep with my legs up the wall.   After double fisting a water bottle and Nuun bottle the rest of the day (which included getting to see my favorite little cheerleader compete), I got my crap together and headed out to the race.


It’s important to note that while it was 45* for the morning run (and it dropped the entire time we were out there), it was 82* that afternoon.  I’m not usually great at running in warmer temps, but I reminded myself no pressure, just let it happen.  After attempting a warm up that lasted ~1/8 a mile, I headed to the bathroom line then the start line. 

The race was small and I lined up close to the front behind several run club members I knew were faster than me.  When the gun went off I just started running.  My goal was to just lay it out there and whatever happened, happened.  I have a bad habit of getting inside my own head and saying “you can’t run that fast, slow down” so I was trying very hard not to look at my Garmin the entire race.  I did catch a glimpse or 2 and saw a number that surprised/scared me, but I just took a deep breath and kept pushing. 

3.16.2013 Luck of the Kiwi 1 

The course was 4 loops – each smaller/shorter than the last.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like that set up, but it turned out to be kind of nice.  I played games with myself on each lap and kept my sights on Rachel’s braid just ahead of me- my goal was to not let the distance between us grow.   On the last lap you head straight and can see the finish only to realize you have to make a right and go around the corner first.  ARGH, kicked a little too soon- must read course maps.

3.16.2013 Luck of the Kiwi 2

I turned that final corner and could see the time clock ticking closer and closer to 22:00…I really wanted a sub-22 at that point (remember, speed is relative) so I just pushed with everything I had and crossed in 21:58.  I thought it might be a sec or 2 PR, but a quick twitter exchange with K Met revealed it was a full 1 minute PR for me!  Woah, a 5K PR the same day I ran 14 MGP miles? 

Official Results: 21:58/7:06 pace/3rd AG

I was very happy with this outcome and had a great time hanging out at the brewery after the race with everyone.  Oh, and if you’re wondering why the race name?  Paul, our run club coach, is a Kiwi…and the race was technically the night BEFORE St. Patty’s day…and yes, he raced in that costume.  Told you I love our run club.

3.16.2013 paul kiwi


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4 Responses to Intuition Luck of the Kiwi 5K Race Report

  1. Corey says:

    I don’t know how you get your legs to move that fast after 14 MGP in the morning! That is incredible! Some seriously impressive work you have put in over the last few months!!

  2. elizabethkalifeh says:

    DAMN! congrats!!! so excited to see what you do in a few weeks. xo

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