#Stayhydrated to Beat the Heat {Giveaway}

Well, as much as I tried to deny it, summer has officially/unofficially arrived in FL.  I really can’t complain, we’ve had a glorious spring with near perfect running conditions most mornings.  Last Saturday at our group long run however, the spring temps were missing replaced instead of the heat and humidity our area will embrace for the next few months.  As most of the country warms up, I thought a little Top 5 warm weather running/exercising tips were in order:

5. Slow Down- research shows “comfortable” paces increase by as much as 30 seconds per mile as the mercury rises.  Don’t be discouraged!  You are not “out of shape”—summer is just a different type of training cycle.

4. Sunscreen- this is important year-round, but, if you’re like me, most of your “winter” runs were under the cover of darkness.  Now that the sun rises earlier and sets later, keeping a tube/bottle of sunscreen in your spike bag is a must-do!

3.  Shades- again, always important, but with more daylight the need to protect your eyes becomes more prevalent.  As for the hat, in the winter I wear one to keep the heat in, but a good wicking hat also helps keep the heat OUT.  I alternate between visors and hats during the warm months depending on the shadiness of my route. (shade=visor; sun=hat—no one likes a peeling scalp)

2. Sunrise- get out there early to beat the hottest temperatures.  Yes, it’s more humid early in the morning, but it’s also a little cooler.  In a place where the evening temps can be triple digits until well after 10pm, it’s important to adjust your schedule to incorporate some morning workouts to avoid heat exhaustion.

1.  Sips—Hydration, Hydration, Hydration is the name of the game.  Not just while you’re actively exercising, but throughout the day.  In the South, I can break a sweat in the middle of August just walking to my car!   I love using Nuun to replacing my electrolytes in delicious ways and without so much sugar that I end up with a headache or bouncing the walls. 

Now, the good stuff…To help you #stayhydrated during the coming months, Nuun has graciously offered to give 1 reader 3 tubes of Nuun (1 each lemonade, watermelon and cherry limeade)!  That’s right, a summer sample pack can be yours by entering a comment below telling me your best hot weather survival tip.

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**Giveaway open to US residents only and ends on Monday, May 20th at 11:59am EDT.  I’m a Nuun ambassador but all opinions, as always, are my own.


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26 Responses to #Stayhydrated to Beat the Heat {Giveaway}

  1. Leah F. says:

    I like Nunn on facebook.

  2. leahbfrazier says:

    I follow Nunn on twitter.

  3. I like to leave water along my routes so I don’t have to carry it with me. Also, run through every sprinkler you see!

  4. I follow Nuun on twitter @mommiesrun

  5. leahbfrazier says:

    I try to do my runs either early in the morning or late at night because of the temperature. I also try to place a bottle of water on my route so I can stay hydrated on my run.

  6. I like Nuun on facebook

  7. Paulette says:

    I try to run earlier in the day – and of course go nuts with the sunscreen!

  8. Paulette says:

    I follow Nuun on Twitter.

  9. Paulette says:

    I like Nuun on FB.

  10. evelinruns says:

    Oh, I’d LOVE to try Nuun..
    I like Nuun on Facebook (Evelinruns)

  11. evelinruns says:

    I follow Nuun on Twitter (@evelinruns)

  12. Maureen says:

    I keep a water bottle in the car and I keep track of the water I drink each day. I keep water by the beside as well.

  13. Danielle says:

    Ahh, my favorite flavors!!!

    My biggest warm weather running tips are to start as early as you can, wear a hat and sunscreen, and be OK with going “slow”!

  14. Allison says:

    My warm weather tip: if you have to run during the hot part of the day, start the run with a few ice cubes in your bra and/or hat!

  15. Allison says:

    I follow Nuun on twitter!

  16. Allison says:

    I “like” Nuun on Facebook!

  17. Janice says:

    definitely start your exercise early when it’s cool, and I always love homemade smoothies as a delicious and fun way to survival the heat waves

  18. Holly KN says:

    Beating the heat is the name of the game if you live in the tropics (but I’ll be back in the US visiting family in June!). My favorite tips that didn’t make it onto your original list include:

    -Shade (edit/addition to yours): Find some. Especially on the trails! Even in the heat of the day, the trails out here aren’t much warmer than they are first thing in the morning, thanks to lots of tree cover!
    -Juicy fruit (not the gum): Grapes and watermelon are my favorites, but I love cold fruit after a long, hot run!
    -Body Glide EVERYWHERE (this isn’t for beating the heat, just coping with it): Sweatier you = more chafing, so apply Body Glide liberally, even to places you usually skip (wherever there’s a tag, or string, or bit of elastic touching you!). You’ll be thankful in the shower later. 🙂

  19. Amie says:

    I try to run EARLY to beat the heat!

  20. Amie says:

    I follow Nuun on Twitter (@runandrepeat)

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