#StayHydrated Winner

I loved reading your beat the heat tips for summer workouts.  Here in Jax the humidity has definitely arrived to stay- yesterday’s tempo run felt more like a swim between the thick air and the copious amounts of sweat pouring off my body.  Good thing I had an entire tube of Nuun waiting for me in the car post-run.  Speaking of Nuun, thanks to the powers-that-be at Random.org, the lucky winner of the Nuun Summer Sampler give-away can be equally hydrated:

5.20.2013 Nuun winner 

That means, Cecilia, it’s your lucky day!

5.20.2013 Nuun winner comment

Please email me your contact/shipping information to fashionablemiles at gmail dot com.

Congrats Cecilia! 

If you’re bummed your summer hydration supply didn’t get stocked by winning this give-away…  FEAR NOT– Nuun wants to help hydrate the masses by offering 20% off all orders.  To get your discount, click the link from this tweet

Happy Hydration!


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2 Responses to #StayHydrated Winner

  1. Whoa. I just looked at that and was confused for a second! I never win anything! Thank you so much. I’m emailing you now!

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