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The funny thing about not blogging for a long time is that it becomes harder and harder to start again.  Like, which topic/post should I write first.  What do I go back and recap, and what do I just let fade into the background? It’s this analysis-paralysis that has kept me from writing anything for far too long.  So, for now, I’ll just start with the present.  I may eventually go back and catch y’all up on life because there have been some big lessons learned and some fabulous opportunities experienced.  But today, the topic is DO WORK.

It’s funny how many times I’ve said those 2 simple words.  Do Work.  They sound so simple and basic.  There’s even an often trending twitter hastag for it #dowork.  You have a goal (personal, professional, athletic, etc)? Do work.  I know this.  I’m not a newbie.  Yet, I somehow found myself facing another marathon less than prepared.  I considered dropping to the 1/2, but didn’t.  I considered DNF’ing multiple times during the race. I wasn’t having nutrition problems as in the past…I wasn’t injured…except maybe my pride.  I was having GI-issues, but what else is new? All I had to do was cross the finish line in 3:45 (5 minutes slower than my PR- which I ran twice last year) and the elusive BQ would finally be mine.  The bonus this time?  Batch was on the same course getting his BQ too.  We would be the BQ Batchelders.  Running Boston 2015 in true run-nerd fashion to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  Total cheese, I know. Sadly, it didn’t happen.  I ran a 3:47:xx.  (Batch did get his BQ with a solid 3:10:01- so incredibly proud!)

Again, I’m not a newbie.  I know to respect the distance.  I know anything can happen on race day.  I also know I wasn’t prepared to run my best race.  And that’s the hardest part to swallow.  I tried something “new” this training cycle even though I knew better.  Self-sabotage? Maybe.  I got caught up in the process and filed cross-training away as something I did when I was tri-training.  Not something that actually made me the best runner I can be.  Foolish.  Acting like a newbie when I’m not.  There were other factors at play, but those are topics for another day and a completely different post.  For now I’ll just say, lesson learned/reminder received.  Now, I’ll Do Work.

In the weeks since Houston, I did something I never allowed my body to do last year, I recovered.  I also sought treatment for some persistent aches.  Instead of jumping back into running immediately, I reacquainted myself with the bike (when your butt doesn’t ‘work’ get on the bike- it has no choice but to join the party).  I opted in to a weekly personal training/strength session with some of my run friends.  I kept an injured friend company in the pool.  Now, physically and mentally, I’m ready to train again.  Smartly.

I’m running the Gate River Run and looking forward to a nice PR.  To not letting the Hart Bridge (aka the “hurt”) get the best of me this year.  To seeing lots of Oiselle and PRS teammates tearing up the course.  To celebrating post-race with a club I love and showing a city I love to some of my speedy running heros.  Is there another marathon in my {semi-near} future, I don’t know.  My BQ dream isn’t gone…and Batch says he won’t run it without me.  Guess it’s time to DO WORK.


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3 Responses to Do Work

  1. Corey says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, sweet friend. Training has ebbs and flows, just like life. (Which is not news to you!) Let’s chat sometime because I would love to hear more about the training cycle for Houston (and everything else!) xoxoxo Keep the posts coming!!

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