Wearable Wednesday

Once we made the move from Houston to Jacksonville, I began working from home rather than going to the office everyday.  I also found myself living in workout clothes and pj’s.  Not that workout clothes can’t be fashionable- hello, Oiselle, but I wasn’t even trying in that department.  If it was clean, I put it on.  Sorry, B.  As part of Operation Digging Out (more on that soon), I’ve made a conscious effort to actually wear outfits everyday.  Yes, some days (most days) those still consist of workout clothes, but I’m “styling” them – or at least coordinating them in a presentable manner.  Today, however, I was inspired to wear “real” clothes.  It’s been raining all day here and there’s nothing I love more than an excuse to wear my Hunter’s.

IMG_3302 IMG_3304

{Bear with me, I’m still trying to figure out how to use my Mac/I don’t like blogging directly in WordPress so these pics are strangely sized.}

Today’s look: Grey Skinnies: Kut from the Kloth, Nordstrom (anniversary sale in July, similar); White tank: J Crew (last summer, similar now at Factory); Blue Cardi: Banana Republic (recent); Scarf: J Crew (older); Hunter Boots: Nordstrom (older/gift, similar)

I love the rich blue in this cardigan and knew the first time I saw it in a store I wanted it in my closet.  Being the good shopper I am (read, unemployed), I waited for a coupon email and snatched it up for 50% off.

The rest of the outfit was already in my closet so it was just a matter of getting a little creative with the layers.  That’s seriously one of my favorite things about fall/winter- how you can transform your wardrobe just by combining different layers.  My other “cheap trick” in this outfit?  I took some knee socks, put them on inside out then cuffed them over the boots.  Viola, ‘welly socks’ for ~$3 instead of $35+.

Tell me, what’s your favorite ‘steal the runway’ trick?

(PS, I wrote the majority of this post yesterday, Wednesday, but sadly didn’t get to publish.  So, yes, it’s Thursday and the title is Wearable Wednesday.  Just roll with it…) 😉


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7 Responses to Wearable Wednesday

  1. OutsideKMA says:

    Belts. Belts are where it’s at when you want to say, “Look, I’m into the details.” Unique, statement belts can be found at TJ Maxx, Ross’, and the like.

  2. Corey says:

    Love the gray skinnies! I got a pair for Christmas that are a tad too short and I need to go to Nordstrom to exchange. But it’s too cold to leave my house except when absolutely necessary right now 🙂 Also, the sock trick…what kind of knee highs? I have been trying to work this out for a while and haven’t found the right socks yet. I love the fashion posts!!

    • It took me FOREVER to find a pair of grey skinnies I liked. I’m seriously the worlds worst when it comes to committing to jeans. The socks are a pair from the Cole Haan outlet (clearance, baby!)- they just said “knee highs” on the package. For me, the socks just have to come up to literally my knee for them to work folded over. I think the material of the sock has to be more stretchy (trouser sock-like) than cotton-y for it to work…

      Y’all are having some crazy extreme weather this winter. Argh! Don’t go outside and get frozen!

  3. Leah G says:

    SO glad the “fashionable” of “fashionablemiles” is back!


  4. elizabeth says:

    LOVE the gray! I have thing for colored jeans and basics. It’s an easy way to mix and match. I’m so bored with my closet right now because of the weather. Not quite winter, not quite spring.

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