Wearable Wednesday- Stitch Fix Edition

I know, I know, where have I been and WHY is someone who claims to be a fashion lover so behind the Stitch Fix adoption process? Well, quite simply, it’s hard for me to spend money on “real” clothes right now since I spend 99% of my time in workout attire.  I finally bit the bullet though thanks to Corey and now I’m happily addicted.

Here’s how my first fix played out (#selfies aren’t ideal for showing off the clothes, but you get the point.  Apologies for the blurry ones!):

IMG_3379 IMG_3380

Eight Sixty Bobbi Textured Stripe Peplum Top: I loved the idea of this top.  I think the peplum style is adorable and the material of the shirt was really cool- almost an eyelet.  Sadly, I’m long torso’d and the waist band of the shirt hit me mid-rib cage and thus the peplum part of the shirt flared funny.  RETURN

IMG_3382 IMG_3383


Level 99 Pandora Stretch Sueded Leggings: I love a good legging and even though I had just gotten some new black ones for my birthday, I decided to try these on.  The fit was great- maybe a little snug, but hey, they’re leggings.  Ultimately 2 things made my decision to return very simple.  1.  My hands were BLACK just from getting these puppies on and off once! Fade much? 2.  The sueded material made them feel wintery so not something I’d get much use out of here in FL.  RETURN

IMG_3384 IMG_3385

Tart Galena Abstract Print Pleated Ponte Skirt: I admit, I was on the fence about this one.  I’ve wanted a non-straight casual skirt for a while now, but have struggled with finding one I liked on my body.  Let’s face it, my body type looks better in straight styles.  I let Batch make the call on this one and he really liked it, so KEEP!

IMG_3386 IMG_3387

Donna Morgan Aska Abstract Print Belted Dress: I loved this from the second I saw the fabric in the box.  It’s a great dress that’s SO versatile.  Definitely a keeper- in fact, I wore it the same night I got it to a work dinner with Batch!  I’m going to have fun styling this one for different seasons (boots, scarf, peep toes, flats, jacket…).  KEEP!!!

IMG_3388 IMG_3389

Collective Concepts Denova Dot Print Blouse: I liked the mixed texture/fabric between the body of this top and the sleeves.  The fit was ok for a simple casual top, but I wanted to be wow’d so I decided it wasn’t worth the money.  RETURN

So there you have it, I kept 2 and returned 3 from my first fix.  In the end, I actually liked (i.e. was willing to try on) every thing in my box, I just wanted to love it before I committed to keeping it.  Everyone has said that the boxes/fixes get better and better the more you do as your stylist learns more about you and your preferences so I’m looking forward to my next fix.  I tried to give detailed feedback on this fix and made some specific requests for my next one.

Are you a stitch fix-er?  If not and you’d like to try, feel free to use this link (yes, I get a referral credit if/when you order).  Happy shopping, happy closet!




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5 Responses to Wearable Wednesday- Stitch Fix Edition

  1. Corey says:

    I hate the mirror selfies from mine too! I made Brad take the pics the first time I got one, but after that I am usually doing it at home during the day when he isn’t there so selfies it is! I wanted you to love those legging so bad…they look like they fit you really well, but black hands/fading is a NO. Also agree on the two tops…they are cute in theory, but just kind of meh in the fit. Hope the next one is an all keeper!!

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  3. Kristen L says:

    Industry signed up. 🙂 can’t wait until my first fix. That dress is beautiful!!

  4. elizabeth says:

    ooh, before I even read your comments on the dress i thought “KEEP, KEEP!!”….we have similar style 🙂 I still haven’t done it yet…they just charge your card for what you keep? Or charge your card and then credit it when you return things?

    • I think I answered this via text with you, but since it might help others, they just charge your card a $20 styling fee when they ship your “fix”. Then you go online and tell them which pieces you’re keeping and which you’re returning and they charge you for the kept items (less the $20 fee). You do get a 25% discount if you keep everything- which I haven’t done yet, but almost did this month!

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