Friday Fashion- Stitch Fix #4

The good news about posting my 3rd Stitch Fix so late, is that it was already almost time for my next one!  This fix was one of the best I’ve gotten style-wise.  After my 2nd fix, I specifically requested a stylist whose fixes I liked on others and now that I have the same stylist each time, I feel like my fixes are getting better and better.  I definitely recommend requesting the same stylist each time as it really helps to have someone learn your style without having to read your profile each time.  So all this good news must mean I kept all 5 items, right?  Well, you see, my stylist did a little TOO good of a job of nailing my style.  In case you missed this gem on Insta, check it out:


That’s right, of the 5 items, I already owned 3 (jeans, necklace, cardigan).  Hysterical!  Here’s a breakdown of my box anyway so you can actually see what I got.


A color palette that’s very “me”- love greens!!

Just Black Adora Skinny Jean– RETURN


These are the top jean in the above picture (also seen on me in the comparison picture at the beginning of this post).  I had said no skinny jeans in this fix, but my stylist thought I’d love the color of these since I requested more green items.  She’s right, I do love it.  So much so that I’ve owned a pair of green skinny jeans since 2012 (the COH pair shown on the bottom of the picture).  Honestly, I like the shade of green in the pair I already own better and probably wouldn’t have kept the Stitch Fix version regardless as the color felt more “fall-like” than year-round or even summer.

Splendid Ruben Tab-sleeve Open Cardigan – KEEP


While I did already have a white open cardigan in my closet (shown in the first picture), it was new w/ tags so I was able to return it (Banana Republic for those curious) since both Batch and I liked this one better on me.

Bay to Baubles Lanie Gem Stone Long Necklace- RETURN



I like this necklace (on right), but already had the one on the left.  Yes, they are different, but I have others in my closet that are turquoise so I couldn’t justify keeping it since I decided to keep the cardigan.

Loveappella Carlita Jersey Maxi Dress – RETURN


I requested a maxi with a fitted waist of some type.  This one is cute and the color is great, however the material is such that when I moved, you could literally see every bump/bone, dent and line in my body.  Um, NO.  Warning, TMI: I tried on 5 different pair of underwear trying to see if any would work and the answer was no.  I would have to go commando or wear spanx every time I wore this dress so it got returned.  (Double boo because it actually looked great on my top 1/2 which is rare for this A-cup.)

Papermoon Wynn Mixed Dot Print Front Pocket Blouse- RETURN



I wasn’t sure about this top at first, but once I tried it on, I really liked it.  It’s definitely different from anything I already own and the cut/material would make it possible to dress up or down (it’s shown here as described on my style cards).  Unfortunately, there was a manufacturing defect on the right shoulder seam that made it impossible to comfortably wear the shirt.  You can see how one shoulder seam is straight and one curved in the below picture.


I emailed Stitch Fix help, and of course they were understanding (to be clear, this was NOT their fault), but there wasn’t a replacement they could send me.  They also offered to credit me my styling fee since at the time I emailed them I didn’t think I would be keeping anything in my fix since I already had 3 of the items.  In the end, I’m keeping the cardigan so it all worked out.  If you ever have an issue with your Stitch Fix, email – their customer service is great and very responsive!

So there you have it, my 4th Stitch Fix received and reviewed.  I’ve been trying to keep up with my Pinterest board and I really think it’s helped me get fixes closer to my style (hint, you link to a specific board in your style profile).  I’ve also been pretty specific in what I need/want to see in my boxes (i.e. I asked for green items and a maxi dress).

Stitch Fix has grown a lot recently, but they’ve also made several improvements to their website and style profiles which I think will greatly help both new and existing customers.  If you’ve been a “fixer” for a while, I encourage you to revisit your style profile as there are some new/more specific questions that may help you love your boxes even more.  If you’re new to Stitch Fix (shameless plug for my referral code), it’s a fun way to get 5 items a month delivered to your doorstep, try them on in your own home with your closet at your fingertips for comparison/outfit combo purposes, and easy returns.

Happy Shopping!





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3 Responses to Friday Fashion- Stitch Fix #4

  1. lahamilton says:

    Hi Holly – Am sidelined with a running injury and am in the process of getting a solid diagnosis so treatment can begin! Just read your April, 2013 interview at and appreciate that you shared your injury experience – particularly all the fears you had when you returned to running after recovery. Thanks! You have helped me feel more hopeful and determined as I struggle with the frustration of not running.

    • I’m so glad I could help!! It’s scary to come back from injury (or any time off)…it’s hard to be patient with your body and know the fitness will return. Good luck with your recovery!!

  2. elizabeth says:

    man, I LOVE that dress on you. Sucks about the undies. Hilarious that they know you so well already 🙂

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