New Year, New Focus

I originally started “thinking out” this post in late December/early January.  As has happened with many of my blog post ideas over the past year+, I never actually wrote it.  Rather than just moving on as I’ve done with all the others posts, I decided better late than never! 


To catch you up a bit, I spent the last almost 2 years with my sole running focus being obtaining the elusive BQ.  In the process of chasing that dream, I lost sight of the joy in running – and sidelined myself with a few injuries along the way.  I also got caught up in the {unhealthy} competitive side of running.  Instead of celebrating my accomplishments, I allowed my focus to become “beating” this person or that person instead of just being the best ME.  This year, my focus is regaining the joy in running.  No, I haven’t given up the idea of a BQ, but I’m not letting it define me nor dictate my race schedule.  I actually started this renewed focus towards the end of 2014 by pacing a few races for friends and figuring out it makes me smile the whole time!!

Around Christmas, I figured out I needed a new goal to jump re-start my running.  Enter my #run40for40 run streak.  It just so happens there are 40 days between Christmas and my birthday, and it was my 40th birthday so clearly it was meant to be.  I’ve never done a run streak before, but I’m so glad I did that one!  Sometimes it was only a mile, but it helped me get my head back in the game in a healthy manner.  It also allowed me to build my base without pressure so I knew whether or not I wanted to tackle a spring marathon.  Turns out the answer is YES (more on that later)!


As you may recall, when we relocated to Jacksonville in 2013, I transitioned myself out of my job as Finance Manager (aka Director of Accounting/Controller) with Structure (a company then-based in Houston).  It was a bittersweet change, but the right one.  When we became involved in PRS Running Club, I was asked to serve as CRO of the club for 2014.  While that was a volunteer position, it required many hours per week and was a bit like running a small business (or herding cats).  I was originally asked to continue in the position for 2015, but I was ready to seek paid employment and knew I wouldn’t be able to manage (and excel) at both.  The job search is going slowly, but I’ve recently gotten a few leads that seem promising!


I’ve struggled with posting/talking about fashion trends and outfits since I’ve been home and in running clothes 75% of the time.  Making a conscious effort to put “real” outfits on everyday (or at least most days) is another one of the changes I’m making for 2015.  While many say, “embrace not having to get dressed”; for me, it’s all part of emerging from the cocoon I put myself in when, right after my last day with Structure, our beloved dog, Luke, passed away.  To say I suffered some severe depression would be an understatement.  I’ve made some changes and am getting better, so getting dressed and sharing those outfits is something I’m looking forward to doing again.  I also finally gave in and joined Pinterest.  I know, I know, I was probably the last hold out on the planet, but I just didn’t think I wanted to manage another social media outlet/time sucker.  Turns out, I’ve liked it so far and haven’t gotten too lost in the blackhole.  I also went back to receiving StitchFix shipments, so having a look/request board for them has been helpful.

There you have it, new year, new age group, new focus…AND upcoming blog posts.  Stick around or join me for the first time as I talk fashion, training and life at 40. 😉


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30-something runner, triathlete and wannabe fashionista
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3 Responses to New Year, New Focus

  1. Mollie says:

    Hooray for the new age group! I’m entering a new one this year too (which I think will make my 2 years younger sister even more happy because we often run the same races). Best of luck with your job search! Whatever company you end up with will be lucky to have you!

  2. elizabeth says:

    woohoo!! so excited to see what 2015 brings you this year. I’m thinking lots of good things :):) can’t wait to see you in May!!

  3. Corey says:

    I loved reading about your reflection and introspection on where you were and where you want to go. I am very much looking forward to reading more from you in the coming months! I have missed fashionablemile 🙂 xo

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