Bayshore Marathon – Week 1?

There it is, my spring marathon, Bayshore.  I had been considering this race for a while, and then I discovered some of my favorite people are also going to be there.  Couple that discovery with a successful #runstreak, and I knew I was ready mentally and physically to tackle 26.2 again.  The race is 15 weeks out (May 23rd) and since I’m not starting completely from scratch, I feel good about being ready come race day.  Here’s how last week shaped up:

Run: 40 minutes (4.9 miles; 8:13/mi)

Final day of my #run40for40 run streak – aka my 40th birthday!  I had challenged 40 people in my run club to come out and run with me.  I knew it was a long shot as Monday evening group runs are typically about 10 people.  While we didn’t have 40, we had a great group and I appreciate those who did come out!  My friend Debi said I should run 40 minutes.  She was tapering for the Tallahassee Marathon (spoiler: she ROCKED it with a 5 min PR) so we ran on feel and flat rather than bridges.  I brought cake (King Cake) and cupcakes (Sweet Theory) that we enjoyed post-run.  It was the perfect ending to my birthday (at some point I should recap my birthday weekend)!


Strength: 1 hour
Run: 5.1 miles; 39:34; 7:50/mi

For the past year, I’ve been working with a trainer (who is also a very good friend and fellow runner).  She challenges me/us and mixes things up constantly so I don’t get bored.  We meet on Tuesday mornings for an hour of strength (weights, TRX, body weight moves, etc).  Often Batch and I will run before the workout but this week, we just went straight to the gym.  She also writes me an additional workout to do on my own later in the week when I want one.

Tuesday evening, Batch and I headed to the new MShack for the PRSRC social run.  It was fun to run from a new location and explore a slightly different route.  We’re also big fans of supporting a new neighborhood restaurant.  The weather here has been fantastic lately and this night was no exception.  I didn’t even look at my watch until we finished so it was nice to see sub-8 felt easy and conversational (I chatted with a friend the entire run!).

Swim: 2100 yards, 45 minutes (includes stops/a little chatting)

So the goal was to swim in the morning and head to track in the evening.  Well, it was pouring rain when evening track time rolled around and while I usually run anyway, we had a birthday party to attend so it was easy to skip this one!  The swim was good though and the first time I’d been back in the pool in almost a month.  Between travel and other activities, I just hadn’t made it a priority.  I met 2 friends at the pool and got my butt kicked on a great workout.

Run: 7.5 miles; 1:02:01; 8:14/mi

I normally attend spin on Thursday mornings, but my body was screaming for more sleep so I listened.  Thursday was a beautiful day so I took advantage of not having anything else on my schedule and headed out for a mid-afternoon run and some vitamin D.  I didn’t really have a distance in mind when I left the house so just enjoyed running through the neighborhood.

Rest day

My local Y has Master’s swim on Monday + Friday and I had plans of going this Friday, but a late text from a friend bowing out seemed like a good excuse to have a rest day.  (I should also add all 3 of us who swam on Wednesday felt a little “off” for the rest of the week – maybe the chemicals weren’t quite balanced??)  Having just finished my run streak, it’s been 40 days since I’ve truly just taken the day off.  I got some stuff done around the house, thought about going for an evening run, but knowing I was “racing” Saturday morning, I decided to just embrace the rest.

Run: 10 miles; 1:21:33; 8:08/mi
Fight For Air Stair Climb: 42 flights, 6:47; 3rd place (female), 1st AG

I met the PRSRC group at 5:30am for some miles before the stair climb event.  I had originally wanted to run about 12 miles, but I needed to be downtown for the climb by 8am and knew I’d want to at least eat something and change clothes between events.  I ended up deciding mid-run to only go 10 to give myself a little extra cushion.  This turned out to be a good thing since I had a little accident on the run (a car didn’t seem to be moving over so I tried to jump a curb and caught my toe- wipe out!) and needed the extra time to regroup and make sure I was still ok to attempt the stairs.  We came home, I took a hot shower (I know, I know, but I was cold and my muscles needed to warm up to loosen up), put some traumeel on my back, grabbed a Picky Bar and headed downtown.

A quick group pic

and it was stair go-time!

Back story, the Fight For Air events (they have them nationwide) are fundraisers for the American Lung Association.  Different cities execute the event differently, but here in Jacksonville, the climb is held at the Bank of America Tower and climbs 42 stories to the top.  The view definitely made the climb worth it! 

As did our awesome PRSRC team!

Run: 2.5 miles; 20:10; 8:14/mi

Another gorgeous spring-like day so I made a last minute decision to go for a short run in the late afternoon.  I didn’t have much time as we had an evening commitment, but I was glad I at least got to shake out my legs and see how my back felt after the fall.  It’s definitely bruised (I hit my back on a concrete storm drain when I fell), but I don’t think there’s any “real” damage.

Overall this was a good week of training.  Looking back I see that I need to slow down some of my runs a bit to ensure I don’t burn out and/or get injured.  I definitely plan to slow down on my long runs once they get longer as I would like to run those 30+ sec/mi slower than my goal pace.  I also know I need to get in at least 1 day on the bike/spinning per week so I can’t skip that going forward.  I had actually run more miles in prior weeks (including 40+ the week I was in Seattle) so I’m not upset that my weekly mileage is only at 30.  I have time to build…now to actually put together a schedule to make sure I stay on track!

Run: 30 miles
Swim: 2100 yards
Strength: 1


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3 Responses to Bayshore Marathon – Week 1?

  1. Woohoo! Looks like a great 1st week of training! Congrats on your stair climb win! That is such a cool event. I have a friend whose husband did it in Boston wearing his full firefighter uniform. Crazy!

  2. elizabeth says:

    so excited for bayshore!! keep listening to your body, cross train, and HAVE FUN!! you will rock it. and congrats on the stairs (i would die). :):)

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