I’m a 30-something (for at least a little longer) Christian, runner and triathlete with a healthy appreciation obsession for all things fashion/style related.  I’m a huge football fan who cheers loudly for the New Orleans Saints (I’ve loved them since I was born- when they were the “‘aints”) and the MSU Bulldogs.  I love a good cocktail with the ladies and listening to live music (hello, Jazz Fest).  When I’m not pounding out the training miles, I can often be found recovering with food in one hand and my iPad in the other glued to the latest JCrew sale page.

The Early Years
My love of sports and fashion started at a young age- I would come home from school and either beg to go play baseball in the backyard or have my Granddad take me to the ESPRIT shop and spoil me rotten (did I date myself with the ESPRIT reference?  I saw a store recent and was shocked- I thought they went the way of the 80’s)!  Basically, I’ve always been a tomboy in heels type.  In high school, I fancied myself an athlete– I was a member of the cross country and soccer teams.  In reality, I think I just provided too much entertainment for the coach to cut me.  You see, I’m also a certified klutz who’s more apt to fall while walking down the street than while actually doing something “dangerous.”   At least I was working out with the team and thought I was hot stuff!

Confession- I’m an overachiever.  The freshman 15?  That’s nothing, I gained 30.  Gone were organized, scheduled workouts in was late night pizza (turns out I couldn’t eat a large by myself anymore) and parties.  During my sophomore year, I re-discovered the gym and regular workouts quickly became a part of my life.  I’d hop on the elliptical and/or treadmill promptly at noon and watch the entire episode of Days of Our Lives before heading to the weight room.  There was no goal other than not looking like the Goodyear blimp and not killing the 48 other women I lived with (ok, maybe that is a good goal afterall).

Post-College to Present
Fast forward several years and my husband (affectionately called B around here) and I signed up for our first marathon with Team In Training in 2000.  Peer pressure and exotic locales are powerful things– I couldn’t run a mile when we signed on, but the race was in HAWAII (Maui to be exact)!  We finished (see Races tab for more info and thought, “bucket list item check.”  I kept running, but nothing long and certainly nothing serious until a few ½ marathons.

After trying to stick it out on the MS Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (I have a love-hate relationship with that storm.  We learned so much, but wish I could learn without losing), an opportunity to relocate back to TX came up in 2007.

I originally signed up for my first triathlon as a way to get myself back in shape (I’d let it all go while we were preparing for our move- it’s hard to stay focused while your life is in boxes!)  During that training and first race, I fell in love with the sport.  I continued to race sprint distance events in 2007 and 2008.  I finally moved up to an Olympic distance race in May 2009 and it kicked my tush!  I was discouraged and frustrated, but also very motivated (I might be slightly uber competitive).  I made some adjustments to my training plan AND most importantly, to my diet (see Food tab), and by August 2009, I took 35 minutes off my Olympic distance PR and actually placed in a sprint race.  I went on to complete a ½ Ironman distance race in November 2009 (i’m on the far side in the swim pic).

While training for the 70.3 and feeling invincible, I agreed to sign up for the Houston Marathon in January 2010 with the goal of breaking 4 hours (over 1 hour faster than my first marathon).  We did it (B and I ran the entire race together) and, after a forced 2010 tri season sideline (no injury, but a long story for another day), B and I repeated the marathon effort in 2011 (and ran ½ Marathon PR during training).

I originally considered just writing a tri/run blog, but I couldn’t ignore the large role fashion plays in my life.  I love clothes, shoes, accessories, outfits, shopping, styling, etc.  My personal style is probably best described as classic with a twist.  I love helping people put together outfits for special occasions and everyday life.  I love good customer service and therefore frequent stores where I receive it (Nordstrom and J Crew to name my current favorites).  No, I don’t have an unlimited budget (although I sometimes act like I do)- I shop sales.  B has taught me over the years though not to buy something just because it’s cheap/on sale.  He believes it’s better to spend $100 on the one thing you really, really want than to buy 5 things for the same $100 that you merely like.  That being said, I repeat, I definitely shop sales- I just try to make better choices and not just pick the cheapest thing on the rack (unless it’s the dress I’ve been swooning over and checking back weekly for the sale)!  I love a good bargain as much as the next person, and I’ll try to let you know when I find one!

That’s me- well most of me, the rest will come in time (it’s only the first date after all)…so sit back, relax and enjoy some Fashionable Miles.


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  1. Jeff says:

    I’m reaching out to you on behalf of the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. We are seeing if you would be interested in blogging about the race and your training up to the event (11/18). We are able to provide a complementary entry if you are interested. Please let me know if you are and if we can work out the details!

    For information about the race: http://www.menshealthurbanathlon.com/san-francisco-course.html.

    Also, if you know of any other running/fitness bloggers in the San Francisco area, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    I can be reached at jball@hawkeyeww.com. Thanks!

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