My Favorite Things

Running Gear: 
Oiselle – I can’t just pick one thing…good thing I don’t have to!

Headsweats– their visors are hands down the best on the market.

CEP Compression– I have “bird legs.”  My small calves make it hard to find compression gear that actually “compresses” me.  CEP works- and lasts a long time!

Running (and other) Nutrition:
Nuun Hydration– hydration without sugar= perfection (and less time in the porta potties).

Picky Bars– The 4:1 carb/protein ratio means they are the perfect recovery food, but I use them pre-workout too!  Gluten and soy free convenience for the win!!

Vega Team– A recent, but quickly favorited addition to my line up.  The performance recovery protein smoothie is fabulous (and packs 24g protein!)!!

Clif Bar Company– I can’t eat the actual bars, but the shots, blocs and rocs fuel my endurance activities naturally.

LUSH– I adore these products.  Natural ingredients = amazing fragrances and results!

J Crew– needs no explanation.
Luke’s Locker– local running (and more) store- love the knowledgable employees!
Nordstrom– retail customer service perfection.  seriously, 2nd to none.
Gap– I’ve found myself returning to this old favorite more and more recently.  Great “basics” and their sales are sweet!


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